The role of technology in Human Resource Management

Human Resources

Industries across the globe have witnessed a drastic change over the period of the last two decades. With the significant development in technology, the nature of work, knowledge, and abilities have undergone a drastic transformation.

And such is the case of Human Resources. Human Resource Management is one of the top professional occupations that technological changes have influenced. The use of technology in the past few years has grown rapidly and it has reshaped the role of human resource management to a large extent.

The new technologies are improving the HR landscape and allowing HR professionals to interact with employees on a regular basis.

To improve the administrative efficiency and responsiveness of human resources management, more and more functions are performed. HR Managers use technology to make their work easier and it also helps them in making better decisions.

The rapid development in the fields of machine learning, big data, enterprise-grade software, and corresponding hardware has started to see an optimistic return to relevance.

Role of technology in Human Resource Management that is making ripples in the Industry

Many organizations have realized the role of technology in Human Resource Management and that they have higher productivity. The greatest impact the organizations have witnessed is an increase in the speed and efficiency of operations through automation.

The roles of technology in Human Resource Management are:

Increase in Speed and Efficiency through Automation

Human Resource Management requires a human connection and automation can improve the personalization of the services. Some of the core HR functions that can be improved through Automation are:

  • PTO accruals and Time Off requests
    Digital Management of paid time can simplify the request process for both workers and HR Managers. With time off requests, the workers will be able to see which days are available before they submit a request and the work of HR Managers will become hassle-free.
  • Employee record management
    A company has to keep the professional record of an employee even after they leave the organization. This is due to regulations that all organization must abide by.  
    But with the help of automation, this has become quite easy as HR Managers can organize, store, and even dispose of these records when it is required.
  • Managing benefits of employees
    Every employee deserves to be rewarded for being a role model to his/her peers, and hence the benefits to all employees are given wisely and fairly. However, the benefits are different for everyone and are given at different time periods. But a proper system can help HR Managers to simplify this task.

    In certain situations, a database with good computing power like HRIS (Human Resource Information System) actually shows its worth. Automation and management of Human Resources through technology has helped in improving productivity in every area.
  • Tax form distribution
    Distribution of taxes is an essential activity of any organization that requires a paid workforce and to distribute tax form is an important task, which cannot be neglected amid all the creative work going on in the boardrooms and cubicles.
    Sometimes, submitting tax can take a lot of time, but thanks to automation, the acts of sending out, collecting tax forms, and organizing information have become simplified, thereby leading to increased productivity and efficiency.

  • Employee recruitment and on-boarding
    In a generation where the number of young professionals and fresh recruits is growing steadily, it is no wonder that HR has to utilize the power of technology to optimize the recruiting process.
    Everything from storing and organizing applications and resumes, sending status update emails to candidates, and distributing new hire forms can be automated.

Ease of Information and Communication

One of the most useful HR Technology is the advent of the cloud-based Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS) or Human Resource Management Systems (HRMS) through which HR activities and processes can occur electronically.

This allows the HR department to give access to HR services to the employees. The employees can have a look at their benefits and payroll information from their smartphone or computer and can easily find the answers to their questions through an interactive platform.

The efficiency of this system helps the HR Managers to focus on bigger projects and it allows workers to exchange information easily.

More employee engagement

According to a survey by Pew research, 95% of Americans own a cell phone and the majority of those are aged between 18 and 64. Hence, today’s employees are more connected than ever.

The increased personalization and frequent communication have shown an increase in employee engagement, which in turn helps the company. Companies have better productivity and lower turnover rates.

To put it simply, the employers are able to connect with employees quickly and efficiently which is helping them to make them feel more engaged and valued at their job.  


In the field of HRM, innovation has made a drastic change by increasing proficiency and reducing the cost. It has reduced the administrative expense to a great extent.
In order to keep pace with the constantly changing technology, the HR Managers have to change their strategy. Technology has enabled the organizations to connect to the internet and interact with other professionals in various in the industry.

These days all types of organizations are making the use of innovation in their HR landscape. The need of the hour is that HR and technology must be integrated. In the present scenario, companies must be tech-savvy to survive. E-HR enables data accessibility to directors and representatives at any time and at any place.

It has been self-evident in the Human Resources landscape with the advent of cloud computing and big data analysis, like HRIS (Human Resource Information Systems). These days, with the help of smartphones, the employees are connected and more engaged than ever before. It leads to better productivity and a more robust system of managing Human Resources.

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