8 Technical Trends in Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management

With 2019 being a year of transformative development and disruptive technology advancement, HR professionals need to look out for the latest trends and adapt them quickly to keep their companies at the forefront of innovation.

According to the 2019 HCM Trends Report from the HR Federation, a network of leading HR market analysts, global HR technology venture capital has topped $3.1 billion this year, more than triple the amount invested in 2017. Although, there are technologies which reshape the trends in Human Resource Management.

Here are 8 technical trends in Human Resource Management that we can see in 2019:

1. Use of People Analytics

People Analytics provides facts to the company that gives an insight into the performance of the workforce. Therefore, using digital means, Human Resource Management can assess which employees are likely to deliver wisely for the company and it can easily spot the employees who are unwilling to work, are less productive and are planning to leave the organization.

People Analytics can understand the needs and concern of the employees more carefully. Using all the data, tools and techniques the HR can link performance with production and can discover the means to improve productivity quickly.

People Analytics can also help in predicting future trends, that is, how the business market may undergo a change. It can prepare the managers and employees beforehand to help them in coping with their work easily. It also enhances the ability of the company to handle business dynamics.

Moreover, it can also examine, whether the allocation of resources is effective or not, that is, whether right resources and the right amount of people resources are employed for a particular task or not and if not, the company can work accordingly.

Such techniques are still work in progress in several organizations. However, the way it is revolutionizing the Human Resource Management, it could be a great tool for the organizations and HRs in the coming future.

2. Alternate ways to hire employees

Most companies have a tendency of hiring employees from urban or industrial areas that too on a full-time basis. However, other companies keep the idea of balanced regional development in mind, and they hire employees from remote and less developed areas too.

The companies look for candidates from abroad and local, and they recruit those candidates, using Skype or Zoom. Moreover, the trend of work from home, flexible working hours, freelancing is very much prevalent these days.

These companies connect with the employees through technology. This is quite effective and saves a lot of time.

3.  A new breed of corporate learning tools

HR departments are modernizing learning and development to induce greater competition among employees and to add value to their skillset.

They want to be more appealing to younger employees with modern day innovative minds through micro learning platforms such as virtual reality, augmented reality, experience platforms, modernized learning, management systems, and AI-based systems.

The organizations are trying to be more democratic than ever before to allow greater participation of employees. This motivates employees and provides an avenue for healthy interaction.

4. The concept of “Blockchain”

The blockchain is a database that keeps a list of records. It is also called ‘distributed ledger technology’. Blockchain makes sure that digital information is distributed for reference but cannot be copied.

It is of great value in human resource and is used for digital process management, solve certification issues, increase transparency, improve overseas electronic payroll, automate routine and data-heavy processes, cybersecurity and fraud prevention.

5. Social media – the most powerful tool

The world without any apprehension is a slave of social media today. So HR has no reason to stay behind. Be it recruitment, an advertisement, a promotion, or even internships, social media platforms play a covert role in Human Resource Management.

These days, a lot of HR Managers are using social media sites like Facebook or LinkedIn to connect with candidates. The HR professionals use social media to reach their potential candidates with job postings or even a lucrative job offer.

Besides this, companies share their success stories, their achievements on Tumblr and Pinterest and advertise their new ideas, offers or blog posts through Instagram or Facebook to increase their reach.

In fact, a lot of candidates are hired with the help of LinkedIn and Facebook.

6. Evolution of “CLOUD”

The cloud-based applications have had such a massive impact on most of the fields including HR that they have almost become inevitable. Storing such a large amount of data was a tedious and exasperating task in the past.

With the advent of cloud technology, all major information can be easily accessed online in a matter of seconds. Employee information can be archived and kept secure to be accessed only when required.

Also, it allows centralization of data that can be streamlined throughout the organization.
However, one needs to weigh its potential challenges and benefits before really deploying this technology.

Be its product development, database management or business integration of workforce management, cloud technology it has always helped HR Managers.

7. Smartphone and applications: The place where the world lies

Today, mobile applications have become an integral part of Human Resource Management. The HR Managers in almost all operations seeks access to applications through mobile devices. Therefore, companies are adapting their HR system to these mobile applications.

The trend of creating applications that streamlines the basic HR functionality throughout the organization continues to evolve.

Be it virtual customer assistants and bots to improve employee performance, sales and marketing analysis or security, the apps have got an amazing potential to change the nature of work and it helps in making the workplace more efficient.

8. The rise in the usage of wellness apps

However big the organization is, it’s the people backstage that make sure the event is carried out smoothly. Yes, it’s the employees. Therefore, the wellness and fitness of the employees must be of supreme importance to the HR.

HR makes sure that employees are under constant monitoring to keep a track record of their health status. They are empowered and motivated to enhance their abilities both physically and mentally.

These health and wellness apps play a key role in measuring the performance of an individual. They can assess that employees are able to deliver better by monitoring their fitness levels. Such fit employees will not only produce great results for themselves but also for the organization.

Moreover, fatigue levels are also being kept under check so that overutilization, as well as underutilization both, cannot be neglected.

In the year 2019, we expect to see even more dramatic and revolutionary impact on the business environment and on workforce management from technological advancements in the near future.

Since the world is in the early phases of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, many areas are unpredictable and uncontrollable. But we can expect technology in improving Human Resource work in the most efficient manner.

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