ABC International Placements provides services in :


In the wide ranging field of construction, we offers experienced and tech savvy Manpower to clients working in the Mechanical, Electrical, Pipeline and Civil sector.

For our valued and valuable clients, ABC relies on its wealthy and vast database to provide its clients with the talent it deserves.


In one of the fastest growing segments, you can trust ABC to give you the best class of workers for luxury cruise liners, hotels, resorts, specialized catering facilities and the hospitality industry as a whole.


In the highly specialized and technical area of refineries and its allied fields, we have a rich pool of talent covering Oil & Gas, Power & Petrochemical sector.


In the increasingly globalised economy, the Corporate sector has a vital role to play. Taking early note of this factor, we have, over the years, generated a pro-active database for banking and financial sector.


It has always been an area of core competency for the organization. Over the years, we have placed people overseas in various capacities in hospitals, nursing homes, research centres and private clinics.


The IT revolution is here and we are compatible with it!! With a quality and growing database, we help place young and dynamic people in the areas of telecom, software, hardware, Calls Centres etc.


In this segment, ABC International Placements supply different levels of talent to airports and airlines.


In the all encompassing area of manufacturing, ABC covers barment, rubber, tyre & flrro Industry.